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Polyamide casings - features and benefits

A single-layer polyamide barrier artificial casing is designed for the manufacture of all types of sausages, sausages, mini-sausages.

Casings ASIA PACK is manufactured according to modern technology by extrusion-blow molding from high-quality polyamide raw materials supplied by leading polymer manufacturers. Raw materials have certificates allowing contact with food products.

The high mechanical strength of the casing makes it possible to form products not only using hand knitting, but also on various types of equipment, ensuring high production speed and the possibility of overfilling relative to the nominal caliber. Uniform casing caliber ensures consistent filling on sausage lines and twister fillers.

High barrier properties. The permeability of the shell for oxygen and water vapor is an order of magnitude lower than that of protein and cellulose shells, which leads to the following advantages:

  • minimal losses during heat treatment (0-1.5%) and storage of sausages and sausage products;
  • excellent presentation of finished products (no wrinkles) throughout the entire shelf life.

The high thermal stability of the polymers used in the manufacture of the casing significantly expands the temperature range of the casing in comparison with cellulose and protein casings. The shell is resistant to high temperatures.

Microbiological stability. The polymers used for the production of the casing are inert to bacteria and moulds. This affects the improvement of the hygienic characteristics of both the shell itself and the finished product.

Stability of geometric dimensions. The stability of the casing caliber makes it possible to more accurately calculate the consumption of the casing when working on any type of equipment.

Possibility of applying multicolor printing. Any pattern of full-color printing can be applied to the shell. Number of printing colors - from 1+0 to 4+2 on both sides - front and back.


The casing is intended for the production of all types of sausages, sausages, sausages, mini-sausages.

The casing has a certificate of conformity and a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.

The casing is produced in the form of a corrugated rod (“corrugated doll”). The length of the shell in the "corrugated doll" can vary from 15 to 35 m.

Corrugated rods are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes in accordance with GOST 9142.

Sheath colors:
colorless, bronze, light smoked, gold.

18 19,5 20,5 8-9 18/19
19 20,5 21,5 9-10 19/20
21 22,5 23,5 11-12 21/22
22 23,5 24,5 11-12 22/23
23 24,5 25,5 12-13 23/24
28 29,5 30,5 14-16 29

The polyamide sausage casing is made from high quality polyamide raw materials supplied by leading polymer manufacturers.

Properties and features

The polyamide shell has several advantages:

  • heat resistance;
  • low gas, vapor and moisture permeability;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • grease resistance;
  • clipping ability;
  • ease of removal;
  • guarantees products a long shelf life.

Terms and conditions of storage
The casing must be stored in its original packaging in closed, dry, clean rooms that meet the sanitary and hygienic standards established for this industry, at a distance of at least 800 mm from heating devices in the absence of strong-smelling, aggressive substances at a temperature of 5°C to 40°C. C and relative humidity not more than 70%.

The casing must be transported at a temperature not exceeding +40°C, direct sunlight is not allowed.

It is strictly forbidden to throw and hit boxes with shells.

Application features
Shell preparation

The casing is soaked in cold water at a temperature of 20-30°, completely immersing the casing in water for 40-60 minutes.

If possible, soak as much casing as required. If too much casing has been soaked, then the casing should be taken out of the water and left until morning in a cold room (in the workshop) away from heat sources and drafts.

When these conditions are met, the casing becomes more elastic and, in combination with high strength, greatly facilitates the stuffing process both in manual mode and on automatic machines.

Attention: it is not recommended to soak the casing in warm or hot water, as this will inevitably lead to a decrease in shrink properties.

It is also not recommended to re-soak an unused casing.

Correctly performed soaking ensures uninterrupted stuffing of the casing to the required diameter.

Shell stuffing

The casing is stuffed on any automatic and semi-automatic equipment and machines with twisters, as well as for manual knitting.

When forming, pay attention to the stuffing diameter of the product. The recommended filling caliber is shown in the table. The actual caliber is in the range of the minimum and maximum diameter of the stuffing and depends on many factors: temperature, consistency and supply pressure of minced meat used during stuffing. Therefore, in practice, the shell filling caliber is determined directly in production and may vary depending on the above indicators, as well as the equipment used.

It is necessary to observe the direction of stuffing - corrugated "dolls" are put on the bobbin "herringbone" inside, that is, the top of the "herringbone" to the syringe.

The actual filling caliber is determined by many factors: temperature, minced meat consistency, the state of the filling equipment. The lower the meat temperature, the smaller the filling caliber. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the stuffing speed by 10-20%. In practice, the shell filling caliber is determined directly in production and may vary depending on the type of product and the equipment used.

The speed mode and the percentage of stuffing with minced meat of the casing on the sausage-sausage equipment should be determined taking into account the technical condition of the equipment. The required forming parameters must be achieved by adjusting the forming equipment according to the technical data sheet of this equipment.

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